for some people, you are but a weed,
for others, you are a flower,
but for the people you need with you, you are the whole meadow.


buy me flowers,

lend me books,

look at me longingly,

hold my hands, 

lean your forehead against mine,

walk with me,

spin me around,

kiss me,

be my best friend,

laugh at my dumb joke,

remind me why i matter,

listen to me,

be human,

that’s all that matters in the end.

- wondercult

The next time you see yourself
as another ripped up daisy,
torn from the ground
in a puddle of tattered petals,
remember the moss
that grows between the tiles,
the ivy that scales the roof,
the dandelions that speckle the garden,
each one of them growing
in all the places they
were told they shouldn’t.
Remember that living things heal,
and living things endure.
Even ripped up daisies have a way
of sprouting up from nothing again.

LF, daisy soul (via iwanttowritebeautifulthings)

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